Wearable devices for the deafblind


What is Ubitone

Ubitone is a communication device for the deaf-blind.

By converting verbal language into finger-braille, it enables smooth communication with people without the knowledge of finger-braille.


How to use


Wear Ubitone

on both hands


Connect application and device via Bluetooth


Talk to the smart phone.

Check and send the message.


The message will be converted into finger braille, then the

device sends vibrations to fingers.


How it works

The ring part contains vibration motor for sending stimulation.

The part corresponding to the back of the hand contains the battery.


With Bluetooth

Connect with smart phone

Vibration motor


thank you

Contact Us

The device is currently under development with the help of many supporters.

We are testing the device with many prototypes. There are many things to think about, not only in terms of functions, but also in what kind of usage scenes are possible in addition to face-to-face conversation, what is a comfortable shape that would not be a nuisance even if you wear it everyday.


We are looking for everyone to support us.